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Artist Home Annual New Year's Eve Celebration

Last year Artist Home rang in the New Year of 2013 with what may have been the best party of the year. This year we are aiming to turn that party into an annual tradition. 

On New Year's Eve, an All-Star band featuring members of Big SurInvisible ShiversYouth Rescue Mission and Friday Mile will take the stage at Conor Byrne Pub to perform celebratory songs perfect for the holiday. Throughout the night guest musicians will rotate on and off the stage, performing songs to make you dance and blow the doors off the place. 

Guest musicians this year include members of: 

Big Sur, Ravenna WoodsHounds of the Wild HuntSmokey BrightsThe Torn ACLs, Friday Mile, The Dee Dees, Invisible Shivers, Youth Rescue Mission, Curtains for You, Indian Valley Line, The Passenger String Quartet, Brite Lines, Temple Echoes, Gabriel Mintz, The Apple War, Tea Cozies and many more to come. 

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