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Deception Past, Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats, and ALKi Jones.... 9pm $8

Deception Past- Finding influence in country music new and old, Deception Past brings a signature sound to the Northwest's burgeoning country scene.  Lead by the powerful vocal harmonies of brother's Andrew, Joseph and Tyler James Pettersson, the group combines fast-pickin' guitars with bluegrass infused melodies to create their own brand of country music.  With a new EP released in the spring of 2014, they continue to bring their raucous live shows and unquenchable thirst for whiskey to audiences across the Pacific Northwest.  Catch them traveling the hills in Lenora, their trusty E-350.

Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats Mar. 11, 2016

While the band's sound itself will get your feet moving and heart pounding, it’s the hardcore honesty behind this bluegrass twist – lyrics that’s hit home without apology and sometimes without warning – that’s really grabbing fan’s attention. It’s a brand we’ve seen develop over multiple records, from 2010’s You Just Relax Honey, 2011’s A Little Something Stronger Than Wine, and 2013’s On This Very Evening.

Today however, we’re talking about The Billy Goat’s latest rowdy offering, a collection titled Bless My Soul. While some of the former records took mere days to record, Warren and his troupe took their sweet time with Bless My Soul, recording the bluegrass mix over an entire year. We asked Jonathan to tell us more – he said, The melody for the title track came to me while driving my truck to the Payette River. I sang the song word for word as I ‘heard’ it into my phone. Not a word was changed in the recorded version. My process involves a ‘letting go’ and trying to open myself to the universe and the music floating around me…A couple of my favorite songs have come from dreams. In my dreams, I ‘overhear’ songs and wake up with the melody, or lyrics.” Click to to check out Bless My Soul, and get into The Billy Goat’s tour schedule while you’re at it – there’s no way this trio is slowing down anytime soon.

ALKi Jones

ALKi Jones began in the summer of 2012 as a two-piece in the Green Lake area of musically gifted Seattle. Singer/songwriter Andrew Galbreath and guitarist Tyler Petersheim joined forces with the intent of creating novel, groove-oriented music. Galbreath and Petersheim, both trained musicians with diverse musical interests, found a bond in creating unique melodies in multiple time-signatures with lyrics shaped by personal experience. In late 2013, Alki Jones released two demos and played a number of Seattle-area shows as a duo...

In early 2015, the band recorded their first single “Whole Lotta Lonely” with award winning engineer Steve Smith. Alki Jones also continued to develop and progress on stage, playing at numerous venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The band's evolution attracted the talents of Seattle-born bassist Bryant Hill, a player rooted in the styles of jazz, R & B, and country. Drummer Bruce Weitz joined ALKi Jones in the spring of 2016. Channeling influences spanning from Jon Bonham to Roy Haynes to Horacio Hernandez, Weitz quickly enriched the sound of the band.  With the addition of Hill and Weitz, Alki Jones became the powerful, groovin', alternative-country band that has captured listeners across Washington.


In 2016, the band plans to continue their reach throughout the northwest, the west coast and Canada.