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Redwood Son & The Renegades (EP Release), Sweet Kiss Momma, and McDougall..... 9pm $8

Redwood Son and The Renegades-

Redwood Son fuses vintage sound with contemporary styling, bringing together classical elements of Country and Americana with open-hearted, soulful, and captivating tales of triumph and trial. 

His next album will continue a musical tradition of authentic, genuine, from-the-heart, feel-good and insightfully soulful song writing. As a father to a young boy, Redwood Son has a natural ability to relate to his audience leaving them hopeful and with a sense of familiarity, as if you have known him forever. The country flare blended with honest originality ignites a sensation of home and camaraderie with a more than meets the eye layer of mystery. Set to release on vinyl, the next album will pave way to an original Portland artist we have been lucky to call our own for over a decade

Redwood Son has shared a stage with OAR, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons and Ziggy Marley, along with many others. The next album set to debut in spring 2016 produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, you will undoubtedly experience the raw, charismatic and tell-it-like-it-is depth of Redwood Son.

Sweetkiss Momma

Proving that great Southern Rock comes as much from the soul as the place of birth, SweetKiss Momma (from Puyallup, WA, USA - just south of Seattle) has been releasing some of the most critically-acclaimed, and best-selling, independent American roots music over the last few years, skillfully blending their gritty NW origins with county, blues, and gospel to craft strikingly soulful rock-n-roll with a subtle Southern bend.

    In 2010, the band came screaming out of the blocks with their debut album ‘Revival Rock’. This “Rootsy, Southern-soul tinged, instant classic” ( - USA) garnered worldwide attention for the band, and went on to become one of the top selling independent albums of 2010 via music distributor CD Baby. With 2014’s ‘A Reckonig Is Coming’ SKM picked up right where they left off, earning the nod as the “Album of the Year” from The Weekly Volcano. On the strength of the sophomore effort, the band embarked on a successful first European tour in early 2015.

    Though the band has seen a number of member changes through the years, the one constant has been front man Jeff Hamel. An award winning song writer and singer, Hamel attributes his soulful delivery and southern element to his writing to an upbringing spent playing gospel and spirituals in a local church.

    For SweetKiss Momma’s latest offering (due early 2016) Hamel teamed up with Pacific Northwest legends The Moss Brothers Band for a collection of songs that draw heavily on both SKM’s gritty riffage, and The Moss Bros. swampy heritage (the MBB as they are known, is made up of southern Alabama born-and-raised brothers Jeff and Troy Moss on guitars and vocals, bassist Kevin Dale, and drummer Zach Cooper). A European Tour is set for March and April of 2016 on the heels of the new material.

McDougall-With his imagination often dwelling in the very real places of his past and present, as well as in the possible future, McDougall’s songs may very well seat you by a coffee-can fire in the middle of a dry California river-bed, pull you up onto a freight train in the lush spring-time of the Pacific northwest, raise your voice in hymns with the entire family on a Thanksgiving afternoon, or haste your good-bye to civilization as you know it, as you ramble on with all you possess on your back. Fact, fiction, and a little in between, McDougall carries on the relevant tradition of oral history and folklore, making it a part of everyday life and sharing it with those around him. Inspired by the word of God, his family, friends, fellow workers and fellow travelers met along the way, McDougall wishes to keep to the unwritten rule of using what was left by those before while leaving something of your own for those who will come after.