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Evening Bell, Lowman Palace, Ben Von Wildenhaus .... 9pm $8

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"Lynchian Americana. Whiskeytown as the house band at a Twin Peaks dive bar. Good for dancin’, or standing slack-jawed in awe.”
– SEAN JEWEL, American Standard Time

"...somewhere between Grunge and Country, the moon and the stars. With 'Annabelle Goodbye' Dean Johnson and the rest of Lowman Palace are really onto something special that feels like that particular time before dusk and sounds like the perfect song. I dare you to play it only once." MINDIE LIND, Kithfolk

"...a nomadic trawl through lap-steel-augmented balladry, unsettling sine-wave ethereality, minor-key, bummer-strummed guitar meditations, and vaguely Central European, film-noir-ish atmosphere-mongering...Thepervasive mood is intimate and nocturnal, as von Wildenhaus constructs evocative scenarios with a few well-considered gestures. His subtlety and keen ear for pensive beauty go a long way." DAVE SEGAL, The Stranger