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Joshua Schramm (of Modern Relics), and Kurtis Dengler.....8pm $8

Joshua Schram is the singer in local Country/Soul band Modern Relics.... Modern Relics music fills in the spaces between the soulful songwriting of Bill Withers and Van Morrison and the twangy energy of Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash.

Self proclaimed “Country-soul” artists, MR weaves horns and pedal steel around tuneful melodies and a solid grooves—sounding at once familiar and new.

Kurtis Dengleris a Seattle-based guitar player & and singer / songwriter. His sound is a mix of Rock & Roll, ‘60s Pop and Soul. 

Growing up on Lopez Island, WA, Kurtis started playing music at a young age. By the age of 17, he already was touring as a guitarist with world-renown vocalist Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Free, Queen), performing at venues across Europe and North America including London’s Royal Albert Hall. Referring to him as “the old man”, Rodgers said of Kurtis in an interview: “He added something very creative and very fresh… It's a natural ability really”. 

Kurtis has since gained years of experience performing and recording both locally and internationally. Most recently he recorded a self-titled debut solo album of all-original material. The album features Kurtis on all instruments and showcases his diverse and melodic songs. 

Kurtis also plays in the Seattle-area original band Stella: