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Power Cowards (Album Release), Friction Pitch, and Deacon Raleigh St. James $8...9pm

Featuring a trio of Texas transplants, Power Cowards formed in 2015 with the mindset of bringing high-energy arrangements to smart songwriting in order to create electric ear candy with an original sound.


Friction Pitch is an alternative rock band from Seattle featuring former members of Mayfly (Brian Marshall, Dan McKinnis), Motorbike (Dan Gallagher), and John McLaughlin's Mahavishnvu Orchestra (Phil Herschi). Heather Thomas (Mary Lambert), and Pete Marshall (Future Fossils) - most excellent Seattle based drummers - are featured on various tracks. The debut EP is targeted for completion by March 2016. Brian Marshall and Dan Gallagher are recording tracks @ Cobra Studio in West Seattle, with additional tracks being recorded at Avast Studios with Phil Ek, in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle WA, and Shoreline WA. Dan McKinnis is also tracking and editing at his studio in Portland OR. Various producers (including Phil Ek & Geoff Ott) will mix and/or produce the songs in Seattle, and the current plan is to to master in Seattle WA.

The project started in July 2015 when Gallagher approached B.Marshall and McKinnis with an EP concept. The idea: Each band member would contribute two (2) original songs which would be 'democratically' altered into a 'friction pitch' version. The hope: the 'friction' caused by letting other musicians comment, modify, and otherwise alter your original song may create a pearl. Flash forward six months...Phil Ek is producing 'The Ride' and we're not even done making the EP (it's getting close though!!!!).