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Fort Union (Album Release Show), Rusty Willoughby, and Honcho Poncho.....9pm $8

FORT UNION is the songwriting nom du guerre for Jace Krause.

Their 2016 album, id (FEIIL Records), is a pysch-rock odyssey into a demented mind. The songs explore the idea of what happens when humans tap into their lizard brains--the most primal core of their mind. The things we think but don't say or do. What if everyone acted upon those urges?


Rusty Willoughby-An active American singer, musician and songwriter living on oxygen produced in Washington State. Prone to anti-social behavior. Acaustic geetard muzak.


Honcho Poncho-Honcho Poncho is a band. This band. This band is Honcho Poncho. Looking for a band? Try Honcho Poncho. They are a band.