A Destination


Conor Byrne is a cozy little pub that has been nestled in the heart of Ballard Avenue for 108 years...(previously as The Owl). The pub is popularly know for it's live music (The Head and The Heart, The Maldives, Damien Jurado and many others), but it is well known that Conors is easily the most comfortable bar in town. There's something about the brick walls and the century old backbar that holds you like a warm hug. To go along with it, and might make the hug a little warmer, is the 57 whiskey selection, 22 beer selection and the best pint of Guinness in town, so it's not all about the music. Pop in for a pint and a short one and find out for yourself.


The Bar

Operating as Conor Byrne since 1992, Conors has been a staple on Ballard Avenue long before Ballard became the bustling center for nightlife that it is today... and remains so.

The Owl

Pre-cursor the Conor Byrne, The Owl stood here for 90 years. A history we commend and took inspiration from when designing our owl logo. 

The Pint

"Ní feidir an geal a chur ina dhubh air"-You can't convince him white is black. 

At Conors you will always get the best pint in town.



Conors boasts 18 tap handles that come from across the pond or are brewed minutes from the bar. We take pride in our good relationship with local brewers and believe that Northwest Breweries produce some of the best beers in the world 


Along with all the usual suspects, Conors proudly displays a 57 whiskey selection. The emphasis, of course, on Irish Whiskey including 6 Jamesons, 5 Bushmills, and plenty other rare or hard to find bottles from overseas

Cocktail Menu

While the cocktail trend has its day, we prefer to keep it simple. Our most popular being Jameson Ginger made with just that... muddled fresh ginger. You also may want to try the Irish Coffee, it's no frills recipe makes it the best Irish Coffee in Seattle